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Start Date: 11/12/12

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Chester FC, soon to be back in the Football League?

Today, I have decided that I will look into the affairs of  Chester FC. After numerous administrations Chester City FC finally dissolved in 2010 after being unable to pay off excessive debts. Then, under fan-ownership, the club reformed as Chester FC in the same year and have began a sharp rise up the English, football pyramid. The possibility of a Football League return is not far from the Blues' sights and this has intrigued me enough to discuss the possibility of this sensational return.

For a number of years Chester City FC were plagued by not only debt but on the pitch problems as well. However, these on the pitch matters were soon solved in 2004 when they were promoted into the Football League. This meant, for a while at least, money issues were cast aside and football took centre stage. However, this football was not always the highest of quality and Chester often found themselves flirting with relegation back to the Non-League.

The 2008/09 season did not start well for Chester. They may still have been in the Football League however, their league position was certainly not the prettiest and they were soon dumped out of all cup competitions. This lead to financial difficulties appearing once again and a transfer embargo being placed upon the club. On  the final day of the season the Blues were relegated from the league after a 2-1 defeat to Darlington.

Financial problems however, did not disappear as their league status had done previously. They continued to cause the club problems such as unfulfilled matches, unpaid wages and shortage of players until finally, on 10 March 2010, the club was wound up and soon ceased to exist. It was announced that the club was to reform as Chester FC and were to begin their journey in the lower divisions of Non-League football.

After two successive promotions, Chester now find themselves in the Conference North. They curently sit twelve points clear at the top of the table and look set for a third successive promotion, this time to the Conference Premier. This would leave Chester only one more promotion away from a sensational return to the football. I believe that if Chester can carry their unrivalled passion and commitment with them into the Conference Premier, they will soon find themselves back in the Football League!

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  1. I think that Rotherham are going to be forced out of the NY Stadium as the scrap yard people are going to rescrap it and then turn it into a giant football that will reign terror on us all!