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Hi, my name's Toby Wildgoose. I'm a 20 year old who's obsessed by sport, so much so, that I am looking to become a sports journalist/media officer in later life.

I've set up this blog not only so that I can improve and refine my writing skills, but also to provide a platform for potential employers to view my work.

I have already developed a small portfolio of my work, with my experience in the industry including: written match reports for junior football teams, published work at numerous EFL clubs in a variety of formats, and work experience placements at Chesterfield FC and Rotherham United Community Sports Trust - to see my full portfolio click here:

I hope to post as often as possible on this blog about anything that is sport related. Please find the time to read any of my posts.

Any comments or suggestions on how I can improve the blog would be greatly appreciated, and I would also be happy to receive any other suggestions for work experience. Please comment on here, email me (, or even tweet me (@TobyWildgoose). Cheers!

Start Date: 11/12/12 (Aged 15)

Daily Question

Question #37 - Can you tell me which English stadium this is and which club plays there?

Clue: The club is located in Derbyshire. 

Answer: To be announced! 

Question #36 - Can you tell me how many senior international goals Peter Crouch has scored for England?

Answer: 22

Question #35 - Can you tell me which ex-Arsenal player is pictured below?

Clue: Now plays for Barcelona!

Answer: Cesc Fabregas

Question #34 - Can you tell me who won the 1998 FIFA World Cup?

Answer: France.

Question #33 - Can you tell me which country will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

Answer: Russia.

Question #32 - Can you tell me who is pictured in the image below?

Clue: The player's initials are 'J and G'.

Answer: Jonathan Greening

Question #31 - Can you tell me who is currently the Premier League's leading scorer and with how many goals?

Answer: Robin van Persie with nineteen goals.

Question #30 - Can you tell me in which year Chesterfield FC were formed?

Answer: 1867

Question #29 - Can you tell me who won last season's nPower League Two title?

Answer: Swindon Town

Question #28 - Can you tell me in which season Luton Town were last relegated to the Conference Premier from League Two?

Answer: 2008/2009 season

Question #27 - Can you tell me the only player to have scored a hat-trick in every professional division of English football? (Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two)

Answer: Robert Earnshaw

Question #26 - Can you tell me which stadium will host this season's Champions League final in May?

Answer: Wembley Stadium

Question #25 - Can you tell me which two footballers are pictured below?

Clue: The two players wear number 7 and 16 for Crystal Palace!

Answer: Wilfried Zaha and Yannick Bolasie

Question #24 - Can anyone tell me which ground Rotherham United were controversially forced out of in 2008?

Answer: Millmoor

Question #23 - How many competitive games was Stale Solbakken in charge for during his tenure at Wolverhampton Wanderers? This before being sacked today.

Answer: 30

Question #22 - Can you tell me which team Joe Cole has just joined?

Answer: West Ham United

Question #21 - How many goals did James Beattie score during his time at Sheffield United?

Answer: 34

Question #20 - Can you tell me who is pictured in the image below?

Clue: Ex-Rotherham United striker, who now plays his trade at Reading!

Answer: Adam Le Fondre

Question #19 - In how many Premier League seasons has Ryan Giggs scored at least one league goal?

Answer: Twenty-two

Question #18 - In what year did Sir Alex Ferguson become Manchester United boss? For extra credit tell me the exact date he was unveiled!

Answer: 6th November 1986

Question #17 - Can you tell me what the name of this football ground is and who plays there?

Clue: This ground is linked to a very controversial team!

Answer: Stadium MK and the team who play there is the MK Dons!

Question #16 - How many Premier League titles have Blackburn Rovers won?

Answer: One

Question #15 - Can you tell me who's face is covered up in the picture below?

Clue: He currently plays for Northampton Town! 

Answer: Adebayo Akinfenwa

Question #14 - In how many Premier League games have Manchester United come from behind to take all three points this season?

Answer: Eight

Question #13 - Can anybody tell me who scored the winning goal for Chelsea in the FA Cup Final 2009?

Answer: Frank Lampard

Question #12 - Since today is Christmas (as you all know), I have decided to go with a festive question for today! Which Premier League team has the best Boxing Day record by winning 15 of their previous 18 games on this famous day?

Answer: Manchester United

Question #11 - Can you tell me who the leading scorer is in npower League 2?

Answer: Tom Pope with 19 goals.

Question #10 - At which ground do Dinnington Town play their home games?

Answer: Phoenix Park

Question #9 - In which year did Sheffield Wednesday lose to Arsenal in the FA Cup Final?

Answer: 1993

Question #8 - In what year were Leeds United relegated from the Premier League?

Answer: 2004

Question #7 - In what year did Arsenal first win the FA Cup?

Answer: 1930.

Question #6 - Who are the oldest football league side in the world and in which year was the club formed?

Answer: Notts County and 1862.

Question #5 - How many clubs did Steve Claridge play for in his long-spanning career?

Answer: 20.

Question #4 - Who can tell me how many senior, international goals Emile Heskey scored for England?

Answer: Seven.

Question #3 - Who won the the first FIFA World Cup in 1930?

Answer: Uruguay.

Question #2 - Can you tell me who missed the decisive penalty in the Champions League Final, 2008?  (Manchester United vs Chelsea)

Answer: Nicolas Anelka.

Question #1 - How many times have Brazil won the FIFA World Cup?

Answer: Five times.

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